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The Advanced Wing Systems Semi Rigid Wing (SRW) sail is the optimum combination of performance and practicality. It is the result of extensive research, modelling and practical testing.  It provides a practical combination of aerodynamic performance and robustness in design.

Our system is suited to almost any sized yacht, from off the beach craft to super yachts.  The simple and robust design means it can withstand the rigours of ocean sailing and racing.

As an official supplier to New York Yacht Club American Magic, U.S. Challenger for the 36th America’s Cup, Advanced Wing Systems are at the leading edge of soft wing sail design.

“The SRW never flapped or flogged the entire time!  The boat was easier to steer, and we made our way upwind effortlessly!” 

Capt Johann Botha - Cape Town


Improved aerodynamics means a better-behaved boat.  The SRW is more stable and needs less rudder input.  Easier to stay on course!  No luffing!  No Flapping!  Arrive at your destination more relaxed! Or maybe just keep sailing!

The SRW can be completely depowered. This means that it will sit head to wind and not oscillate. So, when you do arrive, motor or sail up to the mooring, get sorted, have a drink, then drop the main!

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The top of the sail can be de-powered in the same way, delaying the need to reef. Simply, reduce the thickness of the wing in the head and allow it to twist off.  Now that is easier than reefing!

Picture 2.png

If you do need to reef, the SRW gives you a safe and easy reefing option! Simply slab reef the wing into lazy jacks or a sail catcher.  The SRW is easy to handle and stacks with the minimum of fuss.  Multiple reef points are possible.  When reefed all the wing controls work so you still have full control!

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Mast head spinnakers or code sails – no problem.

The SRW can support a full range of mast head and fractional downwind sails, including code sails.  Unlike wing masts, the SRW mast can hold downwind sails at any rotation angle.  Safer, simpler performance.

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But don’t 2 sails cost twice as much?

The SRW uses two wing membranes rather than a conventional sail.  The loads in the wing are spread across these two membranes.  So, each is lighter than a conventional sail.  They are also cheaper to produce.  And because they don’t flap or flog, they are less prone to breaking down.  It is the flapping flogging which leads to the demise of sails.  The SRW may cost a little more initially, but it will last longer!

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Retrofitting the SRW to your boat will give it a new lease on life.  No need to change deck layout or chainplates.  The SRW can be tailored to your rig plan.  The more efficient wing means you can reduce the headsail sizes and run no-overlapping headsails.  The headsails are also optimally flatter than used with a conventional rig.  So, they are better suited to furling.  You don’t give away performance by opting for furling headsails.

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